No published books yet.

Still nothing.

Not yet…


I see that you will not go away so easily, so…

Here is a list of some titles that are waiting patiently in a dusty and dark drawer and pray that some lovely agent or editor will fall in love with them. Soon.

OK, so maybe I don’t keep my book babies in the dark and dusty drawer. So what? Folders are not that much better, are they?

I seem to be a very prolific book mama so here they are:

  1. Dads Matter.
  2. Magnificent Magnus Mackrel: Cookies
  3. Magnificent Magnus Mackrel: Giraffe Experience
  4. Magnificent Magnus Mackrel: Horrible Pink Fluffy Things
  5. Booky
  6. Let’s Not Be Grumpy
  7. The Secret Tail
  8. No Pink Dragons?

There is a lot more but I’m not going to share all of the titles here. I have over 50 picture book manuscripts so far. 10 or so in rhyme, the rest in prose. Most are witty, funny or quirky, but I do have few serious ones too. I would categorize most of them as commercial.

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